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We believe in the power of relationships and the talent of entrepreneurs. 

We fund and empower businesses created within the North Carolina & Southeast ecosystem.

We get excited about innovative ideas, brilliant minds, and game-changing start-ups.

Our investments are a vehicle to create true impact and growth for the Southeast.


The Fund will focus on start-up and early stage investments in technology companies in the Southeastern part of the United States, primarily North Carolina, with high promise for growth in size and value. 

University communities (i.e. Research Triangle Park) are wellsprings of ideas and technology. The Fund aims to invest in the best of these new startups and keep them growing and prosperous in North Carolina. 

There is a lack of sufficient early stage capital in North Carolina, along with a strong history of entrepreneurial startup creation, that will result in substantial deal flow and excellent early stage valuations.


Our involvement does not end with an investment into a new venture. Rather, when we invest, it is just the beginning. We are dedicated to the long-term success of each of our portfolio companies and are committed to assisting with their growth. 


Bringing together an extremely unique, experienced and diversified team, we are able to collaboratively support each of our businesses. 


More than just financial backing and external support, we are constantly attempting to create a solidified network amongst our portfolio companies, in which they are using not only us, but each other as a resource.


We care about more than just the financial bottom line. Created by and for members of the North Carolina community, it is a part of our core mission to give back in a responsible manner. 

We are first, committed to investing in companies and entrepreneurs whose values and ethics are aligned with ours.

The Fund will also pledge 10% of the Manager’s share of the capital appreciation to the Morehead Cain Foundation, the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, the Entrepreneurship Minor or the University of North Carolina General Fund. 

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